8 chords with 6 stages

I teach new students with a tried and trusted method and we will play together until you are confident enough to play alone.

  1. Learn 8 chords.
  2. Start by strumming only down strokes.
  3. Learn to change quickly between the chords.
  4. Introduce up strokes to your playing and using a plectrum / pick.
  5. Learn a number of slow songs using the chords.
  6. You are now at the beginning of what could be a life long love affair with the instrument.

What do you need to play the guitar?

  1. A guitar – If you haven’t got one, then you’re welcome to speak to me before buying. Guitars come in varying sizes, width of the neck etc and I am happy to make recommendations and offer advice.
  2. A Tuner – I recommend Snark tuners which are easy to use and good for all abilities.
  3. A Capo – There are many different types falling into two broad categories depending on the neck of your guitar.

I keep both tuners and capos in stock which I sell at cost if you decide to take lessons.


Little and often is the key. If you enjoy practising to get better, the same as footballer or ballet dancer would, then you will progress quicker. I would encourage students to practice 2 to 3 times a week for 10 to 15 mins a time.

The more you put in the more you will get out so the equation is:

(effort in = ability to play) / God given talent

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