Borrow a guitar for the first 5 lessons

I currently have two, what I describe as, utility guitars which are available to use for the first set of lessons. This means that you can essentially ‘try before you buy’ going to the expense of buying your own instrument if you are not entirely sure it’s for you.


  • No need to buy a guitar for the initial lessons so outlay is kept to a minimum for the first 5 weeks/lessons.
  • The guitars are reasonable ‘second purchase’ instruments and might be bought by someone looking to upgrade their initial guitar i.e. are of a good standard.
  • Many students who impulse buy a guitar and then arrange lessons end up wrestling with an instrument that’s too big or long.
  • I set these guitars up to make them easy to play e.g. with light gauge strings and a low action (distance between the strings and the fretboard).

Yamaha FG800

Tanglewood TW145SS CE

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